DICKS Sporting Goods Credit Card

Are you looking for how to apply for the DICKS Sporting Goods Credit Card? Have you been unlucky in finding the online application as well as the login page for whenever you need to access your DICKS Sporting Goods Credit Card account? You are finally in the right place that part is for sure. What we have for you here is the news you need to know regarding the DICKS Sporting Goods Credit Card. You can't actually apply for the DICKS Sporting Goods Credit Card online. Even if you access the link we have provided here for applying, we have supplied that link so you can see their page which says you must apply in the store only. Needless to say finding their information was very difficult as their site isn't very well put together in the least. It seems they have all of the pages but they aren't connected to each other properly.

There seems to be tons of problems connected to the issue of the DICKS Sporting Goods Credit Card. We will just kind of list them for you here so you can get the point quickly. There site is such a disaster that we want to make this very painless.


1. If you are going to make purchases outside of the store, they will give you one point but it will be for every $3 instead of the usual $1 most all rewards cards offer. Perhaps with their disaster of a site this was a typo on their part (hopefully).

2. You really don't have a say in what type of card you will be approved for.

3. You really just might have a hard time trying to maintain your account online is you can't find the proper link. We have provided that link for you here though and hopefully their site developers won't change it on you or else we will change it again for you here when we find it.

You could be very well be trying to only get the in-store card but they may approve you for the MasterCard and there's nothing you can do other than try to cancel it. Yes, TRY to cancel it.

4. GE Capital Bank is the one behind all of their financing and things of that nature, and we all know just how horrible THEIR reputation is.

5. There really aren't many benefits on the card, like at all. You have to use an outside source if you want to try to get some real benefits.

Other than the problems, here are some of the things you can expect out of the DICKS Sporting Goods Credit Card:

1. You will get 10% off your initial purchase with your DICKS Sporting Goods Credit Card.

2. You will be able to get three times the points you would normally get only during the month of your birthday.

In the end of it all, we really don't think any of you should be wasting your time with this company or the DICKS Sporting Goods Credit Card for that matter. Maybe if their site was easier to access people could feel more comfortable with dealing money with these guys. However, of course it's your decision to make. Hopefully you are able to find some place that happens to be way better than this place to get a card from.